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The Divertraining Network, 1 Lydias st., Athens 16231 Greece

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The Divertraining Network


Involved with diving and relevant activities more than 35 years now, our people are specialized in the following tasks :


· Organizing and executing diving excursions and trips

· Training all levels of Divers and Instructors in

              Sport Diving

              Technical Diving (Open Circuit or Closed Circuit Rebreathers)

· Diving center licensing, set up and support

· Advising in diving related issues to




Alexandros Sotiriou


Born in 1977 in Athens, Greece. He grew up between divers, spending long hours in the family owned diving school.


The diving environment was determining for his later life and career.


Alexander was certified as a SCUBA diver in 1991, trained by Vangelis Sotiriou, his father,  by 1995 he was already a diving Instructor. The same year he met with the Technical Diving pioneer Kevin Gurr with whom he did most of his Technical Diver and Instructor training.


Two years afterwards, he was the youngest person to dive the wreck of HMHS Britannic at the depth of 120m (400ft), during the “Project Britannic 1997”.


In the year 1998 he became the owner and user of a Buddy Inspiration (first edition of Inspiration Closed Cirquit Rebreather) on Air and Trimix Diluent.


The two year military service that followed, added a lot to Alexander’s experience as he went through Navy Frogman training both as a trainee and as a trainer.


His studies in Psychology (BSc) have been proved mostly helpful in the diving career and activities.


Between 2000 and 2005 he trained a number of divers and instructors teaching at the family business and at the National Federation of Underwater Activities. 


In 2006 Alexander started the “Divertraining Network” through which he helped setting up a number of new diving centers by training professional personnel, advising in licensing and operational issues and promoting current and new businesses in national and international events and venues.


He keeps himself constantly updated on the advances of diving, and informs his colleagues in new practices and the use of modern equipment such as the “Sentinel” Closed Circuit Rebreather.


One of the new and very promising activities he is currently actively involved in is the sailing and diving Liveaboard.


Alexander has participated in as a member or has coordinated as a project leader a number of commercial, scientific or exploration diving projects including U/W video surveys, pipeline installation and repair, archaeological survey and excavation, bottom and sub-bottom survey and mapping, international project fault analysis and others.


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