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The underwater world is colorful, fascinating, intriguing, but different. Our people have devoted an important part of their lives in the exploration of the underwater world and in the development and teaching of safe diving practices and techniques. You can just say that diving is our filed...

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Let’s log some memories, in Greece

Unique experiences form vivid memories in the human mind. Ever tried to remember a trip? Not all details are there, just those worth remembering.

Breathing and moving comfortably underwater for the first time, is clearly one of those memories.

The SCUBA Experience I program is specially designed for this purpose. Trust our people in your first journey to another world.

HMHS Britannic. A legend at the bottom of the Aegean 

The sinking of the Titanic was one of world naval history’s greatest tragedies, details of which are still discussed nowadays.

HMHS Britannic was the sister ship of the Titanic, 10% bigger and believed to be practically unsinkable.

The outbreak of WW1 changed the fate of the Britannic which was commissioned by the British admiralty as a hospital ship. In November 16, 1916 HMHS Britannic was steaming between the islands Kea and Makronissos in the Aegean Sea, when it suffered a horrific explosion at the bow. 55 minutes later, the world’s biggest luxury liner was sitting on its starboard side at the bottom of the Aegean.

Jacques Yves Cousteau and his team where the first to explore the wreck using mixed gas SCUBA techniques in the mid 1970’s.

The first modern expedition, conducted in 1997 was put together by an international team of divers, key members of which were our people.  

Since then our input has been proven valuable to others who were interested to explore and research the Britannic.

In the year 2012, one more relevant project is about to begin. Participation is limited to a selection of people. Contact us for further details.

The Exclusive Liveaboard Experience

Think of total silence with only noise the sound of waves touching the keel of the boat. Temperature being pleasantly   warm,   sun to  be  shining

and the sea crystal clear not at all far away for you to jump in every now and then.


A wide range of amenities as ensuite bathroom, tasty food cooked on board, high tech appliances make the idea of living on board between only a handful of passengers very attractive.

Daily a choice of exploration on difficult to reach by other means coasts and dive sites is offered, under the direct supervision and guidance of our experienced.

This is how it is like to spend a few days on our  Sailing and Diving Liveaboard in the Greek Seas. 

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International Events

Our company has successfully organized a number of international promotional and informational events and activities.

The “Kalymnos Diving Festival 2009” and “Sponge Divers of Kalymnos” are some examples.

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